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Dermal Fillers

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Liquid nitrogen therapy effective in freezing off warts and skin tags

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Cryotherapy is Liquid Nitrogen Therapy which is very effective in freezing off warts and skin tags and only costs 1200-1800 Baht at MedConsult.

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call 02-018-7855 or 092-269-1347 or email us at info@medconsultasia.com

What is cryotherapy?

The term ‘cryotherapy’ literally means ‘treatment using low temperature’ and refers to the removal of skin lesions by freezing them. The most common product used by doctors is liquid nitrogen.

After Cryotherapy

The treated area will become red soon after your procedure. It also may blister and swell. If this happens, don’t break open the blister.

You may also see clear drainage on the treated area. This is normal.

The treated area will heal in about 7 to 10 days. It will probably not leave a scar.


MedConsult International Clinic works alongside numerous counsellors in Bangkok, as well as in other locations around Thailand. Dr Donna and the MedConsult team is happy to refer you to the most suitable counsellor for your needs.


Our counsellors have experience in depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, substance abuse, school-related problems, more serious mental health concerns, parenting, women's issues, adolescent issues, family and marriage issues. Maintaining good Mental Health in Bangkok can be difficult at times - please see Dr Donna's advice on how to deal with the emotional struggles of living in Thailand. psychological help Bangkok, suicidal help bangkok, psychiatry bangkok, psychiatrist bangkok, emeotional help, anxiety bangkok, thailand depression


MedConsult can arrange Home & Hotel Visits at very short notice. Traffic permitting, Dr Donna is generally able to arrive at the requested location within approximately 1 hour of your call. 

Home Visits can also be arranged for health check-ups, Botox/ Fillers, vaccinations and other medical services if you feel that this would be more convenient.

If you wish to arrange a home/ hotel visit, please call 02-018-7855 or email us at info@medconsultasia.com


Dr. Donna Robinson will treat common medical problems that those living in Bangkok may face such as diseases and sexual health.

General Practice Consultations last around 15 minutes but may last longer depending on the patient symptoms and diagnostics.


Medicine may be prescribed if Dr. Donna feels you may need medication.

Dr. Donna may also recommend tests and health checkups (such as blood tests and STD tests)  in order to diagnose the patient.

Dr. Donna may also refer you to a specialist.


MedConsult provides fast and confidential STD/ STI screening and Sexual Health Check-ups. Samples for testing can be self-taken and handed over at the clinic, minimising any embarassment.  A physical examination is not essential and Dr Donna is willing to give an opinion based on a description of your symptoms. There is no need to return to the clinic to get your results. Test results are emailed to you, with advice. 

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MedConsult offers a wide range of health checkups and annual check-up programmes.
We understand that knowing which health check-ups/ health screenings are recommended for you can be a confusing and almost intimidating matter. 
If you are unsure, Dr Donna can recommend which checkup tests are recommended and design a personalised health check-up plan for you. 

If you already know exactly which health check-up tests you would like, you can proceed directly to see the Nurse (if you would prefer) and the results will be sent directly to you.

Results are almost always sent directly to you by email within 4 to 24 hours after the consultation.

Dr Donna offers similar services to that of the NHS Well Woman Programme (Cervical Pap Smears, Breast Checks, Hormone/ Menopausal services, Family Planning, etc.)  and the NHS Well Man Programmes (Prostate Cancer Screening, etc.)




Dr Donna recommends those living in Bangkok/ Thailand/ South East Asia and those visiting this area (travelers) ensure that they are up-to-date on the following vaccinations:

  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis

  • Poliomyelitis

  • Measles

  • Hepatitis A

  • Hepatitis B

  • Varicella

  • Japanese Encephalitis

  • Meningococcal meningitis

  • Rabies

  • Typhoid fever

  • Yellow fever; we are a certified Yellow Fever Vaccination centre. Following your Yellow Fever vaccination, you will receive a vaccination certtification booklet. 


If you are unsure whether you are fully protected, Dr Donna is happy to advise you which are essential immunisations for your area of travel.


Botox can make you look refreshed and less tired. Dr Donna is a fully qualified Botox clinician who has trained in Harley Street, England.

MedConsult only uses certified Botox.  Diluted medication is never used. 
Dr Donna is able to discuss how Botox can help you improve your frown lines and wrinkles in a safe environment. She is pleased to offer free consultations for clients who want to learn more about Botox before making the commitment.

Anti-wrinkle injections are quick, simple and virtually painless, allowing patients to return to normal activities immediately. The needles used are very small (almost the same size as those used to perform acupuncture) and feel like tiny "pin pricks" on the skin. The discomfort only lasts for a moment and is generally very well tolerated by patients.


Dermal fillers add volume to facial tissue to fill in the spaces between wrinkles, giving the face a fuller look. Dr Donna is happy to discuss with you which treatment would work best for you whilst taking into account what you are hoping to get done. Fillers can also be applied to the lips - often, Dr Donna uses Juvederm Volbella for Lip Fillers at MedConsult.



MedConsult Clinic can provide you with your medication. Your medicines can be ordered and collected from MedConsult Clinic or delivered to you at reasonable cost by either Express Registered Mail or by our messenger.

Certain health insurance policies will cover repeat prescriptions, therefore there may be no need for you to pay for your repeat prescription when ordering from MedConsult.

To order a prescription, please kindly book a 'Refill Prescription' appointment online using the book now button. We will contact you to confirm your order within 24 hours. 


Please do contact us (via phone, 02-018-7855, or email, appointmentmedconsultasia@gmail.com) with any other questions that you may have. We are happy to provide prices for any specific medicines.

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