Frequently asked questions

I've never booked with you before?

Youre travel is 100% secure. When you book with us, you and your group members have completel security. On booking your travel, the dates are fully secured and guaranteed to go ahead.

Are your drivers CRB checked??

All our drivers are carefully selected and have been fully checked with the Criminal Records Bureau and undergone a full Enhanced CRB check.

What support do you offer in the event of a breakdown?

We provide full support for customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. We have a Duty Manager and a Duty Mechanic on call 24 hour call and they can be contacted on 0113 292 6711.

What if one of our members has a disability?

Don't worry. All we ask is that you let us know as much information as possible about their disability at the time of booking and we can make the necessary arrangements with the hotel.

Can you help me to plan and organise my itinerary?

Yes of course, this is all part of our service. We would meet with you and discuss your itinerary requirements, make all the bookings, agree all the timings and produce a colour itinerary for you to distribute to your group. But only if you want us to!

Things don't always go to plan. What happens in this event?

We would immediately get to the bottom of what happened. We would then look to resolve this issue as soon as possible and in the event.

If it the issue wasnt immedaitely resolveable we would then liase with you and discuss the options of a credit note and/or refund where applicable.

Our ultimate aim is to ensure things always go to plan by providing enough contingencies and to keep all of our customers 100% happy :)


Founded in 2003 by Dr Donna Robinson, MedConsult is a renowned medical clinic in Thonglo, Central Bangkok

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