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Dr Donna’s personal experience with physiotherapy

The other day, I noticed when I was running, that my right ankle felt like it had a band tied across it, so I thought: let’s try some physiotherapy with Dion, our physiotherapist at MedConsult Clinic. He was very professional and assessed my ankle before he started trying some joint manipulation. I was surprised at how some of the movements were limited, even though his touch was gentle and there was nothing forceful involved. Afterwards he showed me some exercises to do at home and he recommended follow-up sessions. As I followed his exercises and the results were good, I didn’t think more of it and I eventually stopped the exercise. Suddenly I noticed my ankle stiffening again, and it just wasn’t fun to run anymore so now I am back to see Dion. I will follow his regular exercises so that I can follow mine!

Why get physio?

Physiotherapy helps restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. Sometimes an injury can be healed by itself but with help from a professional physiotherapist you know you will get back in shape faster, and better. They might be able to help you back on your feet (literally) after an accident, but also help give advice if you want to start something more energetic. Physiotherapists can also help with headaches and migraines and, if you are pregnant and think that the back pain is natural, well, it’s not and it can be helped!





Dion de Guzman, PT
Cost: Around 1,500 THB per session

You can contact us to make an appointment with Dion!

Different types of physiotherapy techniques:

Your physiotherapist may be trained in hands-on physiotherapy techniques such as:

  • Joint mobilization (gentle gliding) techniques

  • Joint manipulation

  • Physiotherapy Instrument Mobilisation (PIM)

  • Minimal Energy Techniques (METs)

  • Muscle stretching

  • Neurodynamics

  • Massage and soft tissue techniques


Physiotherapy is available by booking through the clinic, since we need to confirm the condition and coordinate with the physiotherapist kindly email the clinic on or call 02-0187855

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