Looking After Your Health During This Time

Social distancing is the most important thing to do right now in order to keep the virus under control and reduce spread. However, it can take a toll on our mental and physical health by just staying at home and having minimal contact with other people. Here are some tips to stay happy and healthy while staying at home:

1) Stay connected to friends and family

If you live with your family, take this chance to spend time with them. It can help relieve stress and as humans are social beings, this social contact can help. You can also communicate with friends using online platforms, it is easier than ever to contact people.

Calling up an old friend or a colleague can make you feel better and stay connected. However, it is important to avoid large gatherings and maintain space.

2) Self- care

Use this time to take care of yourself, which many of us may fail to find time to do so. Read a book, cook a meal, or even simply taking a hot bath can feel wonderful.

It is also important to voice out your feelings, if you live alone and are unable to meet anyone then try calling a friend or even writing your feelings down.

It can help relieve stress and reduce anxiety, especially in this situation.

3) Take care of yourself physically

Considering that gyms are closed and we are staying at home, it is easier to eat junk and skip exercising. However, what you put in your body affects your mind too. It is important to eat healthy food and continue doing light exercise to remain active. Taking care of your body is critical for your health, especially mental health.

4) Maintain a routine

Many of us may be working from home and it can be easy to fall into a slump. It is important to maintain a routine just like you would on a normal day of work. By waking up on the same time every day, eating meals at the same times, and taking regular breaks, you maintain a routine which helps you be more motivated and productive.

5) Control your intake of news

It is important to limit the information your mind intakes otherwise it can lead to excessive worrying and stress. Reading the news constantly can be demotivating and gloomy, especially when you are staying home. It can create negative feelings in your mind due to all the sad news. It is also important to read accurate news as many sites can blow things out of proportion or post fake news in order to attract readers. 

6) Do not hesitate to ask for help

Whether it is professional or help from a friend, it is important to seek help when required. You could need support for mental or physical health and if you delay receiving it, it could only feel worse. Do not hesitate contacting people to get support for how you feel, the support will help you feel better. 


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