This is a price list for our most common treatments. Please do get in contact with us for more information or to enquire about specific treatments.


Phone: +6692-269-4368

Service Prices (THB):

  • Doctor's Consultation: 600-1000

  • Nurse Appointment: 200

  • Home Visit: 2500-4800

  • Phone Consultation: 800

  • Medical Certificate (Work Permit, Drivers Licence): 180-250

  • Fitness to Fly / Work / Sick Letter: 500

  • Medicine Delivery: 100-500

  • Vaccinations: See Vaccine Prices

  • Botox/ Fillers: From 2880 Baht (See Full Pricing)

  • Health Check-Up/Lab Test: 200 Baht Clinic fee + Test Price (See full pricing)

  • Sexual Health Check + STI Treatment: 200 Baht Clinic fee + Test Price (See full pricing)

  • Pap Smear: 1700

  • Prescription Re-fill: 300 + Medicine Price (Enquire for exact price)

  • Drug Tests: Click Here for More Info

  • Cryotherapy (Liquid Nitrogen- Skin Tag/Wart Removal): 1200-1900

  • HIV PEP Treatment (Post-exposure): 1750 + 300 (prescription fee)

  • HIV PrEP Treatment (Pre-exposure): 1200 + 300 (prescription fee)

MedConsult accepts five main methods of payments:


1. Medical Insurance: 

By full or partial settlement via your health insurer (please arrange in advance). See note below for more information on medical insurance in Thailand.


2. Cash: 

Cash can be paid over-the-counter at MedConsult clinic or for those unable to visit out clinic personally, messenger payment service is available.

3. Direct Transfer: 

 - By bank transfer to MedConsult Co. Ltd. at Bangkok Bank (Emporium Branch), Savings Acc. No. 096-041390-4  

 - By bank transfer  to Donna Maria Robinson at SCB (Thong Lor), Savings Acc. No. 403-254975-7 

 - By bank transfer to Donna Maria Robinson at Krungsri Bank, Savings Acc. No 116-1-42801-9

All remittances/payments should be communicated to or


4. Credit Card:

We accept visa, mastercard and AMEX credit cards for payment in MedConsult Clinic.

5. PayPal:

We accept payment through PayPal at MedConsult Clinic.