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Thairish Times YouTuber on the common sexually transmitted infections (STI’s) in Thailand with Dr Donna

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Dr Donna gets interviewed once again by Irish YouTuber, Thairish Times Channel, about the most common STIs she encounters in Bangkok among her patients. His other video on HIV with Dr Donna had over 40,000 views last time we checked.

40,326 views 3 May 2022 I interview Dr Donna Robinson, a general practitioner in Bangkok about STI’s in Thailand. Dr Donna also discusses the most common medical problems tourists have when visiting Thailand. Dr Donna is also in the process of becoming a Thai national and she discusses the process and gives advice to people who are thinking of doing the same. #thairishtimes #medconsultclinic #STI‘s in Thailand Google map link to Dr Donna’s Clinic (MedConsult Clinic):… Link to Dr Donna’s website: Subscribe to our channel:…

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