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MedConsult Foundation


Through the activities of our Medical Director Dr Donna Robinson, Medconsult has been able to reach a number of small charities based in Bangkok and on the borders of Thailand. The MedConsult Foundation was set up to be able to seek funds to assist these charities and has charitable status for a number of individual projects based in Thailand.

If you would like to become involved in some of our projects or can help financially you can call to discuss these aspects directly with Dr Donna.

The MedConsult Foundation is a registered foundation which has as its primary aim to help children and the elderly, from poor backgrounds, to access medical care in south east Asia.

Our general projects include:

• HIV positive children in Cambodia helping them access good medical care.


• Enabling children from slum communities to have access to good medical care and to teach mothers how to care for the growth in babies through monitoring of weight and height measurements.


• Helping children on Thai/Burmese border


Please take a few moments to read the short stories on the right hand side and contact us further if you can offer your support.

Internship Opportunities


Our Student Interns


Medconsult was first approached for internship by Justin, a medical student from Cornell in 2010 for a summer internship.  Of course Justin wanted to gain experience with patients and he was clearly fascinated by the process of diagnosis, investigation and treatment. We quickly realized he was very helpful with computers and for a small monthly fee of compensation, he could help us update our computer programs,  summarise and update our patient database on the electronic medical record system. He was also able  to do useful jobs such as surveying patients helping with medicine collection and report collection for patients. He was very interested in our work with immigrants on the Thai/Burmese border with the Kwai Christian Hospital and helped us with stock checks before we delivered the medicine to Sangkhlaburi. 


With this in mind we have since had a steady flow of students from Bangkok Patana School, American School of Bangkok, KIS International School, Wells International School and also international interns for example Maria from Holland.


Jan Houben from Avans University in South of Holland has a full-time job in sending students on placements overseas. Recently he sent Maria Joukovitch to work with us for 6 months. She  has had previous work experience and took on all of our marketing. Example of Maria's work include promoting specials offers and called up patients to get feedback from existing patients which has help improve our clinic.


For more infomation with regards to internship positions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Maria with our Medconsult nurse and administration staff

Justin listening to case discussions at Kwai Christian Hospital Sangkhlaburi July 2010

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