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(Frequently Asked Questions)


We offer appointments from Mon-Sun, 7am -7pm. To book an appointment, simply choose your preferred service, click here. Choose a time and date that suits you and you are booked. If you are uncertain which service you require, please book a general Doctor's consultation or you may also just walk-in. You will not be charged at the time of booking for any service. All payments are taken for services provided in the clinic, and not based on what you book so please don't hesitate too much when selecting your service. We are always here ready to assist you once you arrive at the clinic.

We accept walk-ins for all our services. If you wish to avoid waiting, please try to use our simple online booking system to let us know the date and time you wish to come in for an appointment. However, we always try to also attend to our walk-in patients with minimal wait times in most cases.

A consultation with a Doctor at MedConsult Clinic ranges from 800-1000 baht. A clinic fee of 200 baht will also be applied for some services, as will any additional tests or medicines requested. You can see our full price list here [ link this to price list/tests/services page]. At MedConsult Clinic we are very transparent and never sell you unnecessary tests or medicines. Dr Donna will always be available to walk you through any additional testing or medicines that are required to ensure you fully understand everything before going ahead.

We offer home visits to your home, office or hotel. These can be arranged within a few hours of contacting us and we can supply a nurse or Doctor depending on the service required. If you wish to arrange a home visit please call our clinic. The actual visits may take place out of normal clinic operating hours.

Yes, we offer video consultations.

Yes! We are open every single day of the year, including all holidays. Mon - Sun, 7am -7pm.

Medicine Enquiries

This is the first time I’ve contacted MedConsult Clinic about my medications

You will need to show your previous prescription stating your medicine requirements. If you do not have one, you will first need to consult with our doctor in person to acquire one. Occasionally we may be able to do this by video call. Please call our clinic or email customer@medconsultasia.com with your medicine enquiry.

Yes we do, to all parts of Thailand and overseas too.  Costs will depend on your location.  Please inquire for your specific delivery fees.

All common medical issues such as anxiety, ADHD, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems, hormonal replacement etc.


Covid Testing

No! You can just walk-in for your test any day of the week during our opening hours, Mon- Sun, 7am - 7pm. If you require an RT-PCR test please be aware of our turnaround times that relate to the time you do the test. Antigen results are always available within 15 minutes of the test, and you will leave the clinic with your certificate in hand.


⏰ Testing time:    7am-10am Result time: 8pm-10pm  (Same day)

⏰ Testing time:   10am-2pm Result time: 3pm-5pm (Next day)

⏰ Testing time:   2pm- 7pm Result time: 8pm-10pm (Next day)

Both tests are currently widely recognised by Governments and Airlines as being the gold standard for travel

 RT-PCR :    Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction

  •     Specimen is taken from where the virus gathers, the nose, as it is a respiratory disease.
  •     Laboratory testing only
  •     Tests for genetic material by removing proteins and fats using chemical solutions
  •     The mixture is then placed in a machine exposing it to various temperatures triggering various chemical reactions
  •     Result is available within 24 hours or less


ATK :     Antigen Test Kit (Lateral Flow Test)

  • Specimen is also taken from the nose
  • The ATK test uses a reagent to mix with your specimen where, if Covid-19 virus is present, either a clearly positive or negative reaction will always occur.
  • Result is available within 15 minutes.

If there is an issue with the report, who can I contact?


Our Results Team are on standby 24/7.  Please contact them directly by email at covidtest@medconsultasia.com

Please do not phone our Clinic and do not email to other addresses.  Our clinic is NOT open 24/7, however if you email covidtest@medconsultasia.com our Results Team will attend to you 24/7 shortly.


Our Results Team are in direct contact with our external labs and are able to quickly address issues with Results Certificates, in the unlikely event that there are minor typos or corrections needed to ensure an exact match with flight details.

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