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YouTuber Minority Nomad films his Botox treatment for Benign Essential Blepharospasm

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Botox can be used for many non-cosmetic uses. One of those is to treat Benign Essential Blepharospasm, or “twitching eyes.” Bangkok YouTuber, Minority Nomad, came to MedConsult Clinic to treat his twitching eyelid and filmed everything for his audience. You can see the initial consultation, preparing for Botox treatment, the procedure and his discussion afterwards with Dr Donna the common questions patients have about Botox.

So I have a condition called Blepharospasm. Not only does my eye twitch, but sometimes the entire left side of my face. It’s frustrating, especially when speaking in public. Sometimes it also causes my eye to close. Resulting in me losing vision on my left side momentarily. After years of doctors and pointless drugs, I found a doctor in Bangkok that recommended Botox. At first I was apprehensive. But after having a treatment I as sold. This is what the experience is like. I also discuss what a Travel Clinic is. Something every travel should know. Dr. Donna Robinson is amazing and a great physician. She does everything from Botox and Immunizations to Sexual Health and Womens Health.

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