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When did you last have your Pap Smear?


A Pap smear is a painless screening test that involves collecting cells from a woman’s cervix to detect any abnormal cervical changes that may become cancerous. It is a highly effective tool for cervical cancer screening and prevention. In general, it is recommended that women begin regular Pap smear testing from an age of 21. Women of this age should be tested every 2 to 3 years. After the age of 30, Pap smear tests are recommended to be done along with an HPV test every 5 years. Women who have had the HPV vaccine must still go for a Pap smear test!


If you had a previous abnormal pap smear test result, it would be best that you do more regular Pap smear test as recommended by Dr Donna. it is therefore highly essential that you bring the previous result to Dr Donna.


Cervical cancer is treatable and preventable through a quick and easy Pap smear test which Med consult Clinic offers at 1,350 baht. It is done by a highly trained doctor, Dr Donna, and you will receive the results the next day.


For more information and/or appointments please do not hesitate to call us: 02-018-7855 or email us: info@medconsultasia.com


Dr Donna is happy to provide you with advice as well as ensuring that your Pap smear is as straightforward and stress free as possible. So Don’t put it off. Call today.




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